Pan fried chicken, egg-fried rice and avocado

I like the idea of healthy eating but also throwing everything into the pan and making things simple comes to mind when cooking. Of course, pan fried items of food generally tend to retain all the fat whilst cooking (as opposed to grilling where the fat is lost) – But if you are careful you… Continue reading Pan fried chicken, egg-fried rice and avocado

228 miles for a Ruby!

This title contains one of those hidden meanings. The only hidden part being the Cockney-rhyming slang which in time, you will easily see how it relates to this post from the featured photo. So I had been told, Bradford was one of the finest places you can go – To get a curry! The stop/start… Continue reading 228 miles for a Ruby!

A good protein-based breakfast

How many different opinions & stories, and how much advice is given on the news each week which makes you feel so nervous about what to eat incase it’s bad for you? It’s either going to be too much red wine gives you cancer or too little broccoli will give you heart disease. There are so… Continue reading A good protein-based breakfast

Egg & Feta Flatbreads with Tomatoes and Rocket: Homemade Vibrance

I’m sure that most of us know that you don’t have to be an award-winning Michelen star chef to create a vibrant-looking tasty dish of food. This dish below has no name, nothing fancy, it’s just a few ingredient placed together to make a quick lunch. It’s colourful, fresh looking, has plenty of flavour, easy… Continue reading Egg & Feta Flatbreads with Tomatoes and Rocket: Homemade Vibrance

The only way to cook halloumi

There’s really only way to cook halloumi cheese and that’s on a raw flame. Coal, being the best, because those carcinogenic fossil fuels really do make a great tasting piece of food! Gas, being the other option, although we are not a fan of a gas BBQ. It’s not authentic, and it doesn’t represent what… Continue reading The only way to cook halloumi