The Two Henrys

We visited The Two Henrys at lunchtime yesterday and we ordered a warm beef salad, fish & chips and gammon and egg. After visiting here on several other occasions during the last year, we were dissappointed.

The warm beef salad was like ronseal wood sealant – ‘Exactly what it says on the tin’. The only problem being is that it wasn’t that good value for money and it wasn’t really cooked that well either.

For the size of the bowl the beef came in, and for the amount of salad that was acting as the bed for it, there wasn’t really that much beef in the dish. There were about 4 or 5 strips which were slightly over cooked – The annoying thing being we weren’t even asked how we wanted it to be cooked. It was chargrilled and a little chewy – Some gristle was on one of the strips which was disappointing as we were expecting it to be cut off. Dish price – £8.

The fish an chips – The batter was soggy and the fish had been over cooked because it tasted like the white meat had been liquidised  – There wasn’t any decent size pieces to eat.

We ordered a large portion of gammon but when it came to the table it seemed more like a small. It was well cooked and the quality of this dish was good – Good value for money. We weren’t asked how the egg should be cooked but as it’s traditional ‘pub grub’ then it’s not something you would normally be asked for this type of meal – It’s the little details that count though.

We complained at the end of the meal when the waitress asked if everything was ok with the meal. She then consulted her supervisor and he was very apologetic and said they would send our feedback and concerns to the chef. We then asked if he could reduce the bill and after a couple of  minutes behind the counter, he came back and said he had given us one of their discounts – This accumulated to approximately £1.70.

More of an insult rather than a reduction.

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