We’d not experienced many Japanese bars, noodles to say, we were excited to visit MoMo•No•Ki

The team behind The Peach Tree have just launched Shrewsbury’s first Japanese ramen noodle restaurant, MoMo•No•Ki. I took a trip with friends to try out Shrewsbury’s latest and most highly anticipated restaurant to date.
In the run up to the restaurants launch, the MoMo•No•Ki team were active on Facebook and Twitter, sharing photos and videos of both the restaurant and the food. We also saw them at the Shrewsbury Food Festival back in June where they had a prominent presence. Needless to say, the findmyfood team was excited to try MoMo•No•Ki!

We visited for a late sitting, arriving at around 21:00. From outside the restaurant looked quiet. However, there were still quite a few people dining when we arrived. There was nobody manning the front of house on arrival but it was only a short while before a member of staff came to greet us with a warm and welcoming smile. First impressions upon entering MoMo•No•Ki were positive, the oriental-style decor was vibrant, fresh with Japanese art and sculptures adorning the walls.

We were shown into the dining area and because there were a few tables available, we were given the choice of where to sit. Around one of the tables, the seats looked a bit small and flimsy so we decided to sit on the more sturdy ones! A chair misfortune wasn’t at the top of our list when we were just about to eat!

Upon being seated, place mats, napkins and packaged chopsticks were laid out for us. The chopsticks were of the light wooden disposable variety. With everything else being on-brand, I almost expected the chopsticks to have ‘MoMo•No•Ki’ stencilled on the side! You can have that idea for free! Knifes and forks were probably available on request but I decided to go for the authentic experience and go with the chopsticks.

A nice touch which we were really impressed with was the menus, they had a unique look, feel and texture. Made from thick, quality paper with visible fibres. Possibly a recycled material, which if true, is great to see MoMo•No•Ki are doing their bit for the environment by being as ‘green’ as possible! Somehow, big, plastic and over complicated menus wouldn’t have seemed right for the occasion. Top marks for the design team here.


We ordered our drinks which arrived quickly. I tried a Mojito cocktail, which was well made and of a good consistency. At £7.00, I’d say this was slightly higher than average for a Mojito in Shrewsbury, especially considering one of our mains was the same price! Nonetheless it was a good choice. I also ordered a Japanese Beer, not something I’d usually go for but it seemed fitting for the surroundings!

At 5% alcoholic volume, the beer was average strength taking into consideration what is available on the market today. It smelt like a rich blend of malted barley, but a bit ‘largery’. Nonetheless, it didn’t taste bad – Just not as we were expecting… richer, smoother and a bit more defined.

The menu states two prices next to each dish, one for a small helping and the other was large. The dishes cost £7 and £11. We sampled two of their main courses:

‘The MoMo•No•Ki’ – Crispy Korean BBQ Pork Belly, a Soft Egg, Kimchi, Spring Onions, Ramen Noodles, Beansprouts, Tonkotsu, Dashi and a Naruto fishcake.

‘Setonaikai’ – Wild Salmon, a Soft Egg, Ramen Noodles, Spring Onions, Beansprouts, Wakame, Shoyu Dashi and a Naruto Fishcake.

Both dishes were presented well and the portions were of a good size. However, we felt there wasn’t a lot we could differentiate between the two sizes. The large MoMo•No•Ki, which cost an extra £4 didn’t seem that much bigger than the small Setonaikai.

Both the pork and the salmon dishes were cooked brilliantly – the salmon in particular was ‘melt in your mouth’ as it just fell apart upon eating. The noodles were predominantly at the bottom of the dish with all the other ‘elements’ on top – These soaked up the tasty juices from the salmon and the vegetables which complimented each other extremely well.

The soft egg was cooked as described which also mixed in with everything else. A harder egg would hard been completely inadequate and looked totally out-of-place so top marks to the chef for not overcooking… easily done!

The dish wasn’t too salty – This was key as too much can be very overpowering. It would have ruined the dish completely. Taking into consideration the raw ingredients which were used to create this dish – They had been combined well to produce a fantastic, smooth & authentic taste.

In all honesty, the food wasn’t served that hot but it was by no means cold – It’s just not as hot as we would have liked it to be.

Overall, another great addition to Shrewsbury’s growing world of cuisine. The food was very good and good value for money considering the quality and level of service. A good start for MoMo•No•Ki, we will be returning! If you, like us, enjoy oriental food, I’d definitely recommend you check them out. Let us know what you think, leave a quick review on MoMo•No•Ki’s findmyfood profile page.

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