This blog has been designed, created and inspired by our admiration as a town, country and nation for the love of food. What is it, about food, which is so exciting? What really gets those taste buds tingling?

Based in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, I’ll be taking a deeper look into all elements of many dishes from a wide-range of restaurants, bars and other eateries, to find out a little more about what’s been their inspiration, where their raw ingredients have truly come from and why we should be proud of what we can conjure up in the kitchen from what we are living right next to!

From an early age, I’ve had a true passion for food. My mother would say this is because when I was little, I used to have food all over my mouth, but the days of when I was a 19-year-old are long gone!

The career path of a chef has been something I have thought about with care and consideration for several years; with many friends and family hinting at a big change in my life, It’s always been tempting to completely change from my boring-ish sales jobs and start something fresh.

I’m a tenacious character. I like to work hard at something and see a finished product to be proud of – Something I can showcase to others who will give praise and a reward for the work I have clearly put into the ‘project’ in question.

Alongside this new venture, I also write a personal blog, inspearedtravel.co.uk – This is where I found a little hidden talent (I have been told, alongside being slightly modest!) of writing; blogging; typing; explaining – Whatever you want to call it. I like to write about things which are important to me, explain them in detail and try to get people (readers of my blog) to really get inside my head and see things how I see them). This is never an easy thing to do, but the feedback I have received so far has been fantastic.

So, even though I am still in a sales career, and I don’t really know what I want to do with my actual ‘career, this is something I am taking no part time. A wise man once said to me:

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t know what to do with your life, just do what you are good at and be the best at that.”

It all started with findmyfood

findmyfood was the original idea behind the Shrewsbury Food current project. These are the true foundations.

It all happened in 2011 when a couple of us were inadvertently watching the Six Nations and were were discussing those Dragons Den eureka moments.

The idea was to create a local directory based in Shrewsbury which would predominantly display a digital copy of each restaurants’ current menu. Due to the transient nature of todays’ menus in the modern world we live in, the need for a fresh updated menu every other week and the sheer workload it would have taken to complete all of this, the idea became unfeasible, and it turned into a static directory.

We had each menu on a different page, contact details for each restaurant to include a map, a comments section and even a link to their social media pages. After several months, the competition was fierce, even on the basis that this was a free service. The idea of advertising was an option but the workload:reward ratio was simply not worth it.

findmyfood was left as a live directory. With over 2,500 photos, 313 eateries listed, 70 comments, and hundreds of social followers, it remained on the World Wide Web for a whole 7 years!